Tuesday, July 5

Tuesday Propaganda: It's About Time!

The big story in transportation today is Obama's new vehicle mileage and emissions standards which will "have a profound effect on the cars Americans drive and the health of the auto industry over the next decade and beyond."

As I was shutting off the morning news on my way out the door this morning I cut off the reporter as she explained that the auto industry would need a handout to be able to afford to make the changeover. Strike that. They are basically demanding more subsidies: "They [automakers] also are seeking assurances that the government will help build the charging stations needed for electric and plug-in hybrid-electric vehicles, which will help to meet the new standard."

So we've been subsidizing the for-profit big business auto companies for decades while they've been selling us bigger and bigger gas guzzlers which have basically gotten us into the energy crisis we're facing today. And yet the American taxpayer is going to have to foot the bill to retool? I think not!

Let's put this into perspective...do we need "Detroit" to roll out even one more automobile as of this minute?

Think about it. NEED.

Absolutely not. We could do a blanket boycott on all new cars. We could. We won't. Because part of "freedom" is the "freedom" to buy a new car that we can't afford just because the old one's finish is becoming oxidized and the interior doesn't smell new anymore.

So are we "free" if we allow the Big Three to demand we subsidize their mandated changeover to more fuel efficient cars?

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