Monday, August 29

Narrowing Down the Field

WARNING: My wife should not read this post beyond the initial bike description.

I have a final contender for MY NEW MOUNTAIN BIKE: the Cannondale Trail SL 29er. [ALERT: Change of mind! I'm going to stick with a 26 inch bike, but I still want to go with the Cannondale Trail SL 2]

The big pros over the other bikes?

1) Made in the US [Neh, used to be...]

2) Price is less than the Raleigh XXIX+G

3) Good quality but upgradeable

4) Brother Cannondale!

5) Can get from my LBS

I think the Cannondale may just be the winner. The guy at the bike shop talked up the Raleigh over the Cannondale counterparts, but I just can't in good conscience buy a bike "Made in China" over one made in the US.

[Spouse should stop reading here]

Anyway, why the sudden keen interest on a new bike? It had really just been a back burner issue for awhile. But events of recent days has led me to see the need for a new mountain bike, namely, the final carport vs bike event in our family's history. I say "final" because of two reasons: first, the factory rooftop racks on Gump are decimated. Second, we're never putting a bike on top of a car again. Full stop.

I'm going to take the Rocky Mounts trays and use them for bike-to-bike towing.

The good news is that the only thing wrecked on the OBS is the front fork.

And so we're also in the long term market for a rear hitch that will support the longtails. Will take some research.

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