Friday, August 26

Ramming Speed Friday: Course Preview Edition

Yowzaa! 17.3 mph average on my ride home tonight...not bad for a jaunt through suburbia. (Roughly my third fastest RSF ever. The fastest was 19.9 mph average)

I rode a portion of Stage 6 of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge, though in reverse...and I cranked on some crusher fine trails at a high rate of speed. Fun, fun, fun!

Left work a little early because we were having company tonight. I dropped down highway 6 path to Illinoising and then through Golden on Ford. Turned on 10th, crossed the RR trax of doom successfully and took 44th right on out of town to the Easley dogleg.

I took Easley over to the Golden Bike Park. Easley/44th/10th will be the first loop out of Golden on Sunday. I love Easley. Nice shaded country-ish road along the southeast side of North Table Mountain, not so bad traffic today and a nice smooth surface to roll over.

I jogged east through the bike park onto the ditch trail, hit 50th to McIntyre, up to 52nd, 52nd to Eldridge and Eldridge to the Van Bibber Greenbelt. I had Van Bibber to myself and I was in my highest gear cranking along the crusher fine trail, feeling strong and enjoying the feeling of speed. Poetry...

Sweat streamed off me as I screeched to a halt at the Bikeport. Home.

We had much company for dinner and one of our guests brought me two projects: two ten speeds, a cruiser and a women's road bike. I haven't gotten a good chance to look them over yet, but the road bike would make an excellent Xtracycle conversion and the cruiser will be a nice "around town" bike once fixed up.

For now they both need tubes and tires and lots of TLC. We'll see what shape they're in after the weekend. But I'm contemplating a future Xtracycle build for sure.

In the morning we'll be pedaling into Golden, me to volunteer at the Sustainability, Health & Wellness Expo and the fam will browse the farmers' market and all the bike race related activities going on. Fun, fun, fun!

I'm bummed because while I'll be in the thick of things during the race on Sunday for photos, I'm going to miss the live internet coverage and will miss the big finish in Denver. But I'm sure there will be a DVD for sale soon after the race is finished...

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