Friday, August 5

Ramming Speed Friday: Suspended Until Further Notice

No RSF until I'm fully healed. Can't take a chance you know...

A co-worker suggested I ride in the US Pro Cycling Challenge in a few weeks. This was after I stated that only "pro cyclists" will be participating. Okay. I'm game.

Having said that, some big name cyclists will be riding along portions of my commute. I think I'll shoot an email out to Cadel Evans and the Schleck Bros to watch out for slick railroad tracks.

But this begs the questions: where am I going to set up for the best photos? Still pondering that one.

I'm rambling because its after 5pm on a Friday and I am feeling the adage: too much work, not enough commute. I pray no one else comes in today. I will not be held hostage to the whims of an inconsiderate person.

Speaking of work, I had an epiphany that will result in a fine bike garage at the ole homestead. More to come on that.

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