Thursday, August 4

Recalibrate and Move Forward

It's been an odd summer. Back in the spring we were going strong as a car-lite, cyclo-centric family. We rode, rode, rode everywhere. We shunned poor Forester Gump and played favorites with Kona Lisa and the Cannonball X.

And June came and went. The kids were visiting the ones who spoil them and Mandy and I just rode. It was nice. We rode a lot. But it was just us, no kids and it was easy.

Then July the kids were back, but school was out and the air was hot. No one wanted to go anywhere. My car-lite family mostly stayed home in the cool shaded inside or played out in the hot yard. There was still very little driving going on.

And then I crashed my bike and wrecked my shoulder. Riding was not an option the first few days and then even after I felt good enough to go back to riding the rational, responsible part of my mind that had been woken up by the injury kept urging caution and patience. Smug anthropomorphic entity who's parents were not married!

I drove all last week because my car-lite family didn't need the car. But this week they did. And school is starting soon and they'll need it then for some of their trips. I couldn't carpool last week because I had to be in early and none of my co-workers were driving in early enough.

I rode Monday to mixed reviews and opted for a ride (motor vehicular) from a co-worker the rest of the week since my schedule this month begins later in the morning. Each day my shoulder has steadily improved until yesterday I forgot I had an injury. But only because I didn't raise my arm over my head until late in the day...

I was going to bike in today, but I forgot to tell my ride so I just met up this morning and was chauffeured. But I told her that tomorrow I ride. I'm certain.

I was pondering this morning those car-free families; those who do not even own a single car. If either parent were to be injured in the same manner as I was two weeks ago how would they cope? They obviously couldn't fall back on the car. They obviously couldn't shuttle with the lone car. Mass transit? Wouldn't work for me. The routes are too convoluted. It would almost be quicker to walk the 10 miles.

And following that train of thought I decided if I can drive a car (which I obviously can) then I can ride my bike. I may need to ramp up the cautionary behavior to prevent further injury. But I can do it. So I will.

A spring grocery run

And in the spirit of ramping up, I think my family needs to get back on the car-lite wagon with a vengeance.

Upcoming projects:

We're going to build a shed to house our bike fleet. It's time.

I'm going to fashion a fork mount for Boone's bike to attach to the rear of the Xtracycle and also on the rear of the newly converted cargo trailer.

Bean is going to learn to ride her bike (again).

Fall bikepacking trip. Plan. Execute. Report.

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