Monday, August 1

Return to the Scene of the Crash and Xtracycle Proselytizing

Proselytizing? We'll get to that in a moment.

I rode home on 10th/44th today. I could say that you should always confront your fears. I could say that. I'd be hypocritical if I did. Often I avoid the things I fear instead of dealing with them.

Today I let my subconscious guide me back along my standard home commute from Golden. And once I realized where I was going I decided I'd see if it is possible to cross the tracks at a 90 degree angle. See, I emailed the Deputy Director of Public Works for the City of Golden this afternoon and explained why I think that particular intersection of bike lane, road and rail is not the least bit safe for cyclists and is potentially a hazard for motorists that have to interact with cyclists there.

Thankfully no cars were around as I approached the crossing and made my attempt to cross at a perfect 90 degree angle. I slowed considerably and crossed as close to 90 degrees as possible. Even then I ended up on the yellow line and was a few degrees from perfect.

I DID NOT crash.

So I pedaled on home, none the wiser really. I learned nothing I hadn't already speculated with almost complete certainty.

As I approached the intersection of Ridge Road and Independence I saw another cyclist coming up Independence from the south. I turned north and continued on. As I turned onto my street I heard someone calling out and glanced over my shoulder to see the cyclist pedaling madly to catch up with me.

"I gotta know! What is that thing?"

I stopped and chatted with Robert, from Oklahoma City, for half an hour or so. I gave him the "under-the-hood" tour of the Xtracycle and he marveled over it. Turns out he's passing through town on his way to the Pacific Northwest for a vacation and was out riding around checking out the neighborhood. He's staying in a hotel down off I-70.

I gave him one of my old maps of the area and showed him how to find the Clear Creek Trail and explained how to get to Golden and back to his hotel.

Then we talked about the Xtracycle a little more and I think he's sold. I should be a rep. If I got a commission...

Anyway, I'm glad I got back on the bike. My ride home was much better than the ride to work this morning. There was very little pain this evening and I am confident I can keep riding. I might let myself rest this week. I do have a ride after all.

On Monday next I go in for my first physical therapy session. We'll see how things go.

Too cool to have made another Xtracycle convert just by riding home from work.

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