Tuesday, August 9

Searching for Biketopia

I don't know if its a general malaise, or my injury, or just a down cycle, but I haven't had a great desire to pontificate on things bicycling.

And my mind has been directed at other things for a few weeks. I'm working out my political beliefs and finding some surprising things. I've also been thinking deep thoughts about a future path for me and my family. I'm not saying I'm going to make a drastic career change, but I'm not saying its not a possibility. Though like all change in my life, it might be drastic, but it will move with geologic patience.

I worry that I am too negative here at times as well, so I have been trying to make an attempt to be more positive. I don't want to tear down, but to build up. And I find sometimes that I just don't have anything good to say, or that it's already been said.

This morning as I portaged Bean to the babysitter on the Ute I had an epiphany. We cyclists all dream of biketopia, and I guess ultimately all of my ramblings are sort of centered around either the search for biketopia or bemoaning the cyclo-dystopia we seem to live in.

In that perspective it is easy to see that a good cycling blog would exhibit the aspects of our modern world that are moving us toward biketopia and to shed light on those dark places that need to be seen more clearly. And as is often the case with someone with an unanchored attention span: I have decided to realign my purpose here along the Pavement's Edge.

We're going on a journey to find Biketopia.

A recent side project (conceived in abject boredom) is a kmz file of all of the crashes on my bike(s) I can remember I've had. You'll need to have Google Earth on your computer to view it. HERE is it.

The road to Biketopia

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