Saturday, August 20

Test Ride: Kona Kahuna

We took the whole tribe to Golden this morning to the farmers' market and the bike swap at Pedal Pushers. The FM was awesome. We had some phenomenal wood-fired pizza for lunch and then rolled across town to check out the bike swap.

PPC is a Kona dealer, and they just happened to have a 2011 Kahuna. This bike:

I took it for a spin around the shop. I'm in love. It's a good thing you can't marry a bicycle.



Rock Shox XC 32 TK (whatever that means, felt pretty good though)

Hydraulic disc brakes (Avid Elixir 1)

A lot of SRAM stuff

Might not be the bike I go with, but this is the path I'm going down.

Cool bike though. Felt speedy. Felt expensive.

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