Friday, August 26

USAPCC Stage 4: Avon to Steamboat Springs

USA Pro Cycling Challenge Stage 4: Avon to Steamboat Springs, 82.9 miles

Stage 4 goes through a beautiful area on the west side of the Continental Divide. With five Americans leading the standings this stage (and the remainder of the race) promises to be exciting.

No live video feed at 20 miles in. Looks like there has been a break by Javier Acevedo and then a chase and catch by Stefan Denifl of Lay-oh-pard Trek and Cristhian Montoya of Gobemacion De Antiquia. The peloton is only 0:23 back so it could get interesting real quick.

At 21 miles another chase breaks away. Rubens Bertogliati comes and then goes.

Its a shorter stage today, so the riders will have to take advantage of any opportunity to get away from the peloton. Reportedly there are some rollers. Looks like the worst will come just before 40 miles in.

At an hour 46 minutes the gap has increased to 2 minutes between peloton and growing breakaway group.

50 miles in, with 32 to go, the breakaway is comprised of Acevedo, Denifl and Montoya joined by Bertogliati and Vladimir Efmkin both of Team Type 1 – SANOFI. The peloton is hanging back at 2:35.

The Brits are yakking again. "USA" Pro Cycling Challenge guys! USA! If I want to listen to Brits commentate I can watch America's Got Talent.

The average speed at 57 miles is 24 mph. The video shows some riders screaming across the landscape as they approach the sprint just a few miles away.

At 20 miles to go the gap is less than 2 minutes.

Apparently there is a large welcome sign going into Steamboat suspended from a five-seater bike. That will be cool!

The break is breaking up. Acevedo and Montoya have fallen back with 12 miles to go.

With 10 miles to go the main field has closed the gap to almost a minute.

The peloton is closing on the breakaway. Another exciting finish? I think so.

Efimkin has broken away and is trying to claim yellow today!

The breakaway reforms with Acevedo, Denifl and Efimkin. Pelo is only 10 seconds back.

With less than five miles to go the field overtakes the breakaway. Go, go, go!!!

Liquigas controls the front of the field at 3 miles out.

BMC is trying to move George up. C'mon George!

Jens Voigt is in the lead pulling Liquigas team behind.

With a mile to go things are getting ready to explode.

Blam! All heck breaks loose and the peloton breaks like a wave on the rocks!

Elia Viviani goes hard and wins the stage! Viva Italia!

Morkov and Van Hummel followed across the finish.

As of today's finish the General Classification stands at:

1) Leipheimer 13:28:43

2) VandeVelde +0:11

3) Van Garderen +0:17

4) Danielson +0:21

5) Hincapie +0:53

6) Infantio +1:14

7) Evans +1:18

8) Clement +1:42

9) Pires +1:49

10 Sutherland +1:50

The Family Breakaway on the bike path in Steamboat Springs...Fall 2010

...and the sprint to lunch!

A good place to refuel in Yampa

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