Sunday, August 7

Vintage Realization

Cyclists approaching Vail Pass, Copper Triangle 2011

We worked Aid Station 3 of the Copper Triangle yesterday. Well, I kept the kids occupied while Mandy worked the station.

Its always amazing to me that seemingly unfit people do well on those type rides while those who are obviously "in shape" fail miserably. I know it has less to do with outward appearances and more to do with how well the riders have prepared, but its still surprising when you see the range of abilities and how people defy your perceptions so soundly.

The riders are so gracious to the aid station volunteers. I remember feeling very grateful that all of those people along the triple Bypass gave up their time to give all of the participants doing the "fun" part a great experience. If does feel pretty good to help out, but for someone as inherently antisocial as myself it seems counter-intuitive.

Lily helping out

Speaking of counter-intuitive, being around all of those shiny road bikes made me realize I just want an old school 10 or 12 speed bike. Yeah, I want an old steel frame bike with the shift levers on the downtube.

I think I really want just a simple road bike that will hold up to thousands upon thousands of miles. As much as I hate to say it, the simplicity of a fixed gear bike has been appealing to me for a few months now.

Why do I need another bike, you might ask? I don't.

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  1. Surley makes one. The old Shwinns are great but I think the wheel size is funky.
    Dad still has my old Varsity might have to claim it next time visiting.