Saturday, September 17

A Trip to Town...

This morning Mandy went early to a yardsale fundraiser for the school. I woke to the strains of Spongebob Squarepants emanating from the living room. Bleary-eyed I hunted down the source of the offending blatter and told the kids not a single episode more.

They were fine with that. They've watched 46 other episodes on Netflix already.

I finally cleared the fog of sleep from my brain and rounded up the troops to head off to Olde Town.

Bean said we should walk to town and she could ride her bike. I said, why don't we all just ride. She agreed.

The little bugger surprised me at how well she can ride over rough pavement, up hills and at phenomenal speeds on a 12" single speed pink princess bike (PPB).

We ambled around Olde Town for about three hours. Finally it was time to head home and both kids were still in a pretty good mood. We'd visited La Dolce Vita, Griff's, Knit Knack (got Mandy a gift card so she could get started knitting/crocheting), the library and we nobly resisted the urge to go in Arvada Surplus.

As we passed under the water tower I first noticed the ominous skies to the west. We made it past Zephyr on Ridge Rd and Beanie wanted to stop. And then she was reluctant to go again.

It was easy enough to strap the PPB to the Xtracycle and then we were racing the weather home.

Bean's first ride to town. 1.5 miles. Awesome!

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