Monday, September 12

An Aptly Named Post

This post is about nothing. I'm going through a minor bout of writer's block. It's odd too, because I have a shiny new bike, our school season commuting has resumed, fall is in the air, we just passed through the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and we're only 340 days out from Leadville.

Why can't I come up with a coherent post about bicycling, the post-carbon apocalypse or some general transportation related subject? I just don't know.

I have some topics I want to tackle, but I can't wrap my brain around them. I do want to research and write a piece on what the recovery cost would be for buying a new foreign made bike over a used or locally made bike. I know how I need to approach it, I know how I want to shape the post, but I can't seem to get off my figurative butt and do it!

I've got a post started on the different types of cargo bikes. I've got a piece started on simplicity in biketopia. I started writing about "traffic." I've tried hashing out a post on 9/11 and where we're at now. Another "Open Letter to Motorists" and as a suggestion from my editor-in-chief: "Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right" addressing the illogical double minded arguments by motorists against cyclists on the roadways.

Nothing is resolving satisfactorily.

It seems as if I have far too much work in my life and not nearly enough commute. But then that isn't right either. What I really want is to be free from the constraints of the pretend need to work a 40 hour week. I want more free time %@#$! Or I want to be doing real work.

There is something brewing behind the scenes that might play out in my favor on this, at least a rearrangement of those 40 hours that would give me some time to be more inspired and creative. And to get more done. I want to DO something, and not just the day to day maintenance necessary for suburban living.

I feel like my tach is redlining while I'm in neutral. My brain is humming from the exertion but nothing is being accomplished. This happens sometimes so just bear with me.

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