Thursday, September 8

Be Visible

It would take the most cold-hearted Moto-fascist to run Bean and I down with this flag a flyin'. On my Guanella Pass tour I had a fellow cyclist comment that I needed more color to be visible from a distance. I didn’t have much of anything with bright colors with me but I did tie a red bandana to the rear of my bike.

So the other day I was getting ready to lash the booster seat to the bike and I usually stick it to the side in the bag, but I decided since it was so festive and bright colored that I'd put it on the back to maximize our visibility. Combine the pink flowery booster with Bean's helmet LEDs and my Blackburn rear twinkler and we're darn nigh impossible to ignore.

Has all of this helped? I can't say with any certainty. Empirically it does seem as if people have been giving us more room on the road. We've definitely not been run over. My closest call of late was last night as I rode home with no pink booster, no pink flame helmet with blinking red LEDs and no wild blonde hair flying about. Our morning commutes seem to be fairly peaceful. But then my solo morning commutes seem to be less hostile than my evening rides.

Regardless, I think putting all that color out there is a good thing and no one will ever be able to claim they didn’t see us. The only defense would be that they were not paying attention to the road.

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