Thursday, September 29

Beard Shaped Object

As the holy winter commuting season approaches I am preparing by growing a reverent "beard" shaped object, a BSO, to show my self-righteousness. My BSO will be an outward display to the unbelievers of my devout dedication to daily commuting through the frosty air between December 21 and whenever the Front Range thaws out in the spring.

Who am I kidding? I can't grow a beard! But I'm not going to shave between now and spring and we'll see what sort of mold spores attack my face.

I look mangy right now. There is a bald patch under my left jawline. I think its where I incessantly stroke my BSO to see how long its getting. If it were a proper beard it would replenish itself faster than my digits could scrape away the hair.

I'm not a leg shaver, never will be; so explain to me the guys who shave their legs but wear a BSO.

Anyway, if the BSO keeps my face warmer than not having one I'll do a proper BSO review later in the winter-time.

End of the month update: As of the end of my morning commute I am sitting at 543 miles. September 2011 is officially my highest mileage month EVER! And this month's mileage has been mostly utilitarian in nature. Ah, yes! I have done some MTB commutes, but they were still commutes and typically only added 3-5 miles to my normal riding.

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