Friday, September 30

Dragon Tail Commute: Resistance is Useless!

Yes, I am padding my miles. BUT...I'm trying to make my circuitous rides meaningful. I'd been wanting to scout out some potential singletrack along the Ralston Creek Trail for awhile, so last night I cut out of Coors Valley, up Easley to the Fairmount Trail, Fairmount to the Blunn, Blunn to Ralston Creek and then RCT out to Ward Road.

I did find some dirt trailage. It was nice for being in suburgatory (to steal a term). I also found a guerrilla pump track and did a few laps. Its a little closer to my house and easier to get to than the Golden Bike Park. More on that later...

My average was 10mph. I felt like I was flying but I wasn't. Anyway, I turned south on Ward and climbed the steep hill to Ralston Rd on nice bike lanes. I dropped on south to 62nd, took it across on really nice bike lanes to Simms, turned south again on more good lanes and cut east on the W 58th frontage road to Oak Street. After crossing W 58th I was back in familiar territory and cruised home as the light seeped from the sky. It was a good ride and I felt productive finding new stuff and new routes through town.

This morning I decided I'd ride the route I had mapped showing a 91% road free commute. And that was the easy part of the ride. It took me an hour and 42 minutes to ride the 18.3 mile route.

I stopped once to shed my long sleeved shirt and to put some air in my rear tire. It was at 45 PSI so I hopped it up to 55-ish hoping that would help. Note to self: check air pressure before ride, not 3/4 of the way into it.

I think ultimately what has been slowing me down is a combination of mechanical and dietary factors. I've eaten significantly fewer carbs this week. I've been trying to get protein in non-meat ways. The other factors is a brake pad in contact with a rotor on the bike. Hydraulics! I know nothing of your ways!

Anyway, did some quick cubicle maintenance and the wheel seems slightly freer. I'll do my best to crank out a 21.01 mile Ramming Speed Friday this evening. If I can crack 600 this month I'll never feel pressure to do it again. But if I don't I know I'll get over 500 again soon and have to work extra hard to pull down another hundred. So be it.

Tomorrow is the IMBA "Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day." I think I will.


Ran down into Golden for lunch at D'Deli. Got a half sandwich with the same stuff as my Colorado Classic from Spinelli's Market the other day. Spinelli's was better.

Added 5.71 miles to the pile. 15.31 miles to go.

Out front of D'Deli there is a nice bike corral in an on street parking space. Golden is awesome!

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