Tuesday, September 27

Fascist Free Commute

Awhile back I commented to my wonderful wife that I wish my commute took me through Olde Town (Arvada). I love riding through town but its east of our house and work is west.

This morning I had a load of library books to return and a Bean on the deck. I decided we'd take the long way and drop the books in Arvada instead of Golden. I am trying to pad my monthly mileage after all.

It didn't take us long to lighten the load at the book place. Then we were pedaling on east to pick up the Ralston Creek Trail at Lamar. The MUP was quiet and in a short time we crossed the bridge and were on the Clear Creek Trail headed west toward Golden.

Since I had Bean I couldn't take the long way through Golden. I needed to ride through Applewood to get her to the babysitter's house. So at I-70 we exited hard left and re-entered the realm of moto-fascists. You can imagine that after last night's encounter I wasn't really keen on interacting with any motorists, but the passage through suburbia was peaceful, if not biketopic.

Denver West was busy, but no one harassed us. South Golden Road was the same.

Then I was Bean-less and headed on to work as light as a feather. Well, a feather with an Xtracycle conversion on the back.

So for today I have less stress-related weight gain than normal and I'm happy about that. As I sit writing this at lunch I am hoping for some kind of widespread utility fiasco that will shut the building down for the rest of the day. Maybe a malfunctioning fire alarm or something in that vein.


I've been meaning to tell this story for a few days and keep forgetting, so here goes:

I took Boone to the LBS to get him a new helmet a few days ago and he rode with me on the Cannonball X. We turned onto Grandview headed toward Olde Town as an older lady on a department store bike careened toward us from the west.

"Oh! What a nice tandem!" she exclaimed as we turned a few bike lengths in front of her.

Boone replied somewhat meekly: "It's not a tandem."

The lady weaved across Grandview with no regard for lanes or apparently her own safety. I was getting up my steam and she had a full head as she pedaled past us in the opposite lane. When she pulled even with us she repeated:

"What a nice tandem!"

"It's NOT a TANDEM," Boone corrected firmly. But his purist views were lost on her as she snapped left and careened into a side street and away from us.

On World Carfree Day as I was driving toward Olde Town on my way to pick up Mandy and Boone I saw the same lady walking west on Grandview in the same area. As she walked across a side street she meandered into my lane. She was looking down at her feet (high heels) as she walked and did not see the steel death of Gump bearing down on her.

She did seem like a very happy person, if somewhat detached.


Arg! I called the CSP aggressive driver hotline on Mr. 638-RRV tonight. Ridge Road is posted either 30 or 35 mph. Mr. 638-RRV blasted past me within 3 feet going at least 50 mph. I caught up to him at the four way stop at Miller Street. Once I had committed his license plate number to memory (638-RRV) I gave him an "a-okay" sign. He rolled through the intersection and pulled over waving me to come up to his open window. Instead, as I pedaled past I called: "Slow down on this road!"

He passed me again, the second time much slower, and called: "I was going the speed limit!" Which is a lie of course.

I know he was doing far over the posted speed limit be cause I as doing 20 mph, only 10-15 mph under the posted speed limit. He passed me going much, much faster than I was.

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