Sunday, September 4

Helmet Review: Giro Rascal

Back in the spring the kids got new (free) helmets at the bike rodeo. Unfortunately they weren't high quality and Beanie's helmet is coming apart. Boone's isn't in much better shape. Mandy and I have had our helmets since 2007 and she's crashed and hit the ground with hers and I scuffed mine pretty good when I attempted to luge with the Giant.

Needless to say, we ALL need helmets. Well, yesterday when Lily and I went over to the LBS to pay the balance for my new bike she and I got new helmets. Boone and Mandy will soon follow.

I got the Giro Rift and it is comfortable and unassuming. There is no alien skull spike sticking out of the back of the helmet. Its more functional than aerodynamic without looking like a styrofoam sphere in the vein of Dark Helmet.

Anyway, Lily picked out a Giro Rascal, white with pink flames. For her parents, the big selling point is the twin red LEDs attached to the back of the helmet on the straps.

It was this one or the white one with pink unicorns. She chose flames.

Easy enough for a four year old to use.

I wish my Rift had rear blinking LEDs. It makes sense for adults too! I'm a huge proponent of adequate lighting while riding a bike, day or night. And when I say adequate I mean a whole freakin' lot of blinking lights!

The Rascal's LEDs are powered by two watch batteries each and they are super easy to get to to change them. For something to be useful it needs to be easy to maintain, and these very useful little lights seem very easy to maintain.

Anyway, she loves her helmet and wears it all the time when riding now. It was hard to get her to wear her last helmet voluntarily. And it just didn't fit her well. It was navy blue to boot. Not her thing really...

It seems to be comfortable for her. My new helmet is sure comfortable. These are the first Giro helmets we've bought and we're satisfied with them. They are definitely better quality than the free helmets the kids got from the bike rodeo.

The Rascal costs about $40, which is a bit cheaper than a good adult helmet without built in LEDs.

Overall a great purchase and we'll just have to wait and see how well they hold up.

Looks like Baby needs a helmet too.


We've noticed one small problem with the LEDs: the rubber button covers sometimes get misaligned with the plastic housing preventing the button from operating. You have to pull off the battery cover, straighten out the rubber button and replace the battery cover. Other than that we like the helmet a lot after a week of use.

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