Tuesday, September 6

Laborious Mental Tasks

Ugh! Coming back after a three day weekend is rough. Oh, we labored yesterday. 30+ miles on the longtail bikes with both kids. We rode up to Standley Lake, picked up the Big Dry Creek Trail and pedaled out to its eastern terminus and then jogged over to the Farmers Highline Canal Trail which we followed back down into Westminster.

It was a long, hot day.

Today I've been useless. I've started three different blog posts but just can't get through a single one. I like the ideas but not the results. Ugh!

I keep hoping to get a phone call from the bike shop. I know, I know! He said a week. A week is tomorrow. But a fella can hope, right?

Yeah, my brain is just not in gear today. And its not looking good for the rest of the week.

I'm sure once I have a shiny new blue bike to gush on about that might change...might. Not sure what's my funk today. And I know once I have that bike to ride I'll be wanting to call in mentally ill. I know it.


Here are some pictures:

Big Dry Creek Trail, near the western terminus

Along the BDCT

Somewhere resembling Nebraska

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