Friday, September 16


Now the moto-fascists are attacking cyclists IN THE BIKE SHOPS!!!


On my way home I was almost obliterated by a moto-fascist in a late model black Dodge Charger at the intersection of W 50th and McIntyre. The light turned green for me, I started to move forward to turn left onto McIntyre, and then I realized the car blasting through from the south wasn't stopping. Heck, they weren't even slowing down. The car was going so fast I didn't get the license plate number.

A few minutes later my heart rate had finally eased off, I had unclenched my teeth and I was at the end of the bike lane on W 52nd just west of Ward Road. And then the black tow truck, license plate 961-VWK, nearly clipped me. I viciously quelled my rage. I didn't want to commit murder on my way home tonight.

What. Is. Wrong. With. The. World?!?

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