Friday, September 16

Ramming Speed Friday: Breaking the Commute Barrier

Today I could not get excited about it being Friday. I won't go into the underlying reasons, but the day has just been blah. It's not the weather. It's not dread of an unsavory weekend,'s the mire I find myself stuck deep in at 3:59 on a Friday afternoon.

Yeah, I'm writing this before my ride home. I find its easier if I hash out a RSF post in rough form earlier in the day. Of course sometimes after I get home a different idea for a post presents itself and I rewrite the whole thing.

This afternoon I will be escaping the cube, running from a late week slump that's threatening to spill over into my weekend and possibly even to Monday. There aren't enough mental health days to fix my wagon. It's a funk of the soul. I'm like a soldier standing in the middle of an active battlefield that's just realized he cannot kill another person. Survival demands it, but the heart and mind can no longer go there.

The details are boring and significant only to me. I'll not bludgeon you with them. I think I need a true escape. I need a grand scheme, something to get hyped up about. I need to drag my kids somewhere fun and make them enjoy it whether they want to or not. But I don't want one of my run-of-the-mill Bataan Death Marches. No, we need something good.

I'm scheming even now. An October bikepacking trip would be good. A family bikepacking trip...

Or something else. But we need something good!


I cracked 20mph. All it took was the realization that tonight was my first Ramming Speed Friday on the new bike (MUST come up with an appropriate nickname!) and properly inflated tires.

My average mph for the commute home tonight was 20.89. Fastest on record. Its possible I've had a faster commute, but this is the first I've confirmed.

I think part of my problem today (see above) was mushy tires. Low PSI will cause draggage on any given day. My ride in to work was miserable. I felt slow, I didn't want to be at work and I ended up running behind.

This afternoon just after I threw down my initial RSF draft I checked the tires on the MTB. Both were less than 30 PSI. ACK!

I rammed some air into them both, and as I pedaled away from work at 5:30 and started gathering momentum I realized it was going to be a good ride.

Sonic boom!

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