Friday, September 30

Ramming Speed Friday: Busted

...the commute barrier that is. Final September mileage total?


4,070 miles for 2011 so far. If I can maintain my monthly average I'll crack 5,400 for the year.

Ramming Speed Friday? Yeah. 17.5 mph average.

Which reminds me I guess I need to decisively decide the cutoff for a valid Ramming Speed Friday. I'm going to arbitrarily decree 17.0 mph as the minimum average required.

To celebrate I think I'm going to take my family to this peaceful protest tomorrow:

Viva La RevoluciĆ³n!!!


603. I ran down to the store to pick up the ingredients for "600 Mile Month" celebratory ice cream sandwiches. So I ticked two more miles.

When I came out of the store there was a..."gentleman" sitting next to the Cannonball smoking a cigarette. I noticed a laptop computer sitting on the deck of my bike.

"Oh, sorry!" He said and removed the laptop.

Xtracycle as public space?

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