Friday, September 23

Ramming Speed Friday: Random But Here

Being the greedy lout that I am, I wanted to ride over North Table on my evening commute. Ramming Speed Friday doesn't just have to be about getting home in a short amount of time. It can also be about going fast on a longer commute home too.

I have this scheme, and my desire to ride NTM is related, to ride both mesas in a day...I guess in a single ride. So I wouldn't have accomplished that exactly, but I could say I've ridden both in the same day.

Anyway, I opted not to ride NTM because my family is waiting at home. There'll be an opportunity soon enough. Maybe next Friday I'll plan an early morning assault and nab both of them. Then I can just blast home without worrying about which mesa said this or who did what.

Careened through the Golden Bike Park though. That's always fun. And then I zigged and zagged myself over to Van Bibber OS and rocketed east toward home dodging OB-stacles. More prairie biking fun!

I felt pretty slow. I debated slapping up a "Non-ramming Speed" or "Not So Ramming Speed" post. After consulting the Pavement's Edge super computer A.I. app on my iPhone I discovered I pulled off a 17.3 mph commute! Wow...surprising since I was bogged down by my own lethargy, many pedestrians, traffic, headwind, etc, et al I just would not have predicted such a relatively high number.

The past couple of days I've been pondering cycling community, specifically the Arvada cycling community. I met a guy yesterday at a playground along the Ralston Creek Trail who rode the LV 100 this past year. I see people riding every time I'm out. I'm out a lot. Occasionally we talk to other cyclist, but mostly its like trying to hit a moving target. A nod here, a stunted salute there, maybe a quick chat at a red light...but little more.

Communities need a geographic reference point, a hangout if you will, and Arvada is no different. The Red River Gorge climbing community took over a run down pizza joint just outside of natural Bridge State Park back in the '80s and now Miguel's Pizza is world renowned. I'm not saying it needs to be a commercial business, but something, a place, a hangout, a focal point.

The cargo bike race would be a good start. I know, it would be more of a regional thing, that's the intent, but you don't just have to focus in with a microscope to create community and subculture.


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