Sunday, September 18

Sunday Surprises

"Are we riding to church in the morning?"

I avoided making eye contact with my wife. It was after 10pm last night. I had done nothing to get ready for a family commute.

6:30 am came so early. We both dragged our sorry behinds out of bed and then crashed one on the couch and one in the recliner to lie comatose in front of the TV.

Long story short we got out the door and made it on time.

A little background...last night we watched a movie on Netflix entitled Forks Over Knives. And I resolved that I'm going to go on a plant-based diet. I'm not saying I'll never eat another burger, but there will be significantly fewer burger in my future now.

For breakfast this morning we had steel cut oats. I like steel cut oats but they never really give me the energy I need to ride. I dolloped a little honey in them and wolfed them down before we ran out the door.

Needless to say I still didn't have the energy I wanted. My legs were a little hollow feeling on the ride home, but I made the ride home without passing out. Fait accompli!

We made a stop at Heinie's Market on 44th at Tabor. I go past Heinie's almost every day but we've never been in there. We had been planning on making a jaunt over to Sunflower after lunch, but Heinie's presented itself conveniently and saved us from dragging the kids out on another ride.

We locked up Kona Lisa and the Cannonball and ambled inside. Mandy had this weird sparkle in her eye.

While she was still working her way through the door from the stuff on display outside the kids and I started wrestling with the two remaining grocery carts. They didn't want to separate at all. A tall guy by the door reached over and gave our cart a push. I thanked him and then he said:

"I like your Ute and Xtracycle."

Somewhat caught off guard as usual, I replied: "I'm impressed you know what they are."

"I have an Xtracycle. I think I saw your blog the other day."

We entered into a conversation with Greg and his wife about our cargo bikes. He said he's been trying to convince her to get one. It was odd to meet a complete stranger that has seen the blog. That's a surreal experience for sure. But its cool that they're making the transition to a car-lite/car-free lifestyle. So Greg, if you read this: keep pedaling and hope to see you out there again!

The encounter made me absolutely certain that James Osborne's idea needs to come to fruition. Denver needs an annual cargo bike race-slash-festival. Front Range...maybe happen in Denver, but pull in participants from all up and down the Front Range.

It was a pleasant surprise to meet another Xtracycle family. It was a pleasant surprise to finally see what Heinie's is all about. We'll be going back there for sure. They're much more convenient for us than Sunflower and they mostly have Colorado produced food. Local. Sustainable. Staving off the post-carbon apocalypse a little while longer...

Due to the inspiration of a new bike my monthly mileage is in the upper stratosphere. If I only do my normal commutes for the rest of the month I'll be two miles under my highest monthly mileage ever. And I'm getting ready to go out this afternoon on an errand that will give me a pretty good lead over this past April's 528 miles.

Reason #526 the Xtracycle is awesome: Eight year old can't keep up with me on his bike, but has no trouble when riding behind me on the Xtracycle.

Boone got a new helmet. He was bummed because it didn't have twin blinking LEDs like his sister's. I told him I was bummed mine didn't have them either.

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