Wednesday, September 7

Used and New

Is it better to buy a used bike or a new bike made in another country?

It occurred to me that I had that as an option when I couldn't find a US made mountain bike within my desired budget. So why didn't I go with a used bike? Buying used is a great way to promote sustainability, to cut down on my carbon footprint, to be an example of a good steward of the blessings I've been why not?

I could go into a huge logical whirlwind that would only leave all of us confused. The boil it down as best as possible: I don't trust craigslist.

I know there are other options for used bikes. I should have more deeply delved to find the best used bike I could for the money. I don't trust craigslist and I'm lazy.

Its nice to be able to get online and research this year's models or even last year's, and make a decisions based on the currently available showroom floor stock. I don't trust craigslist, I'm lazy and I like shiny new bikes!

Alas, I failed you, Dear Readers, with my unsustainable lust for shiny new bikes! I must do the ritual self flagellation now!

[censored due to graphic violence]

Ah! I feel better!

Anyway, the weather on today's morning commute felt like fall in Kentucky not late summer in Colorado. It was overcast, cool and damp (not wet!) and it made me want to disappear into the mountains for the day, to ramble through the fog and forget the wide world for a bit.

Speaking of cooler weather, I've been trying to put on some facial hair hurtin' the past three weeks. Winter is just around the corner and I decided since it will probably take me six months to grow a "beard" that I should start now at the end of summer. Its laughable really, I have never had more than a scruffy goatee. I just can't grow facial hair.

Laugh now, 'cause later when it comes in you'll all be stunned into silence.

Post Script

I just beat the rain to work. Since I've gotten here the sky has turned a heavy gray and the impervious surfaces have darkened. I have a feeling it will be a wonderfully cold and wet ride home tonight. Ah, fall!

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