Sunday, September 4

Year of the Longtails Update

Wow! So far it's been a great year for cycling in our family.

We bought Kona Lisa on March 25th and I finally got the Cannonball X on the road on April 10th. I converted the ole kid trailer to a cargo trailer in mid-July and have plans to use it hot and heavy from now on. I even have it set up to haul full sized bikes!

Today Bean and I rode down to the hardware store and came home with a wheelbarrow for use around the ole suburban homestead.

Like I've said before, having the bikes leads you to seek reasons to use them. The more you use them the more reasons you have...

We had a great night last night. We rode to Olde Town to get ice cream and ran into "Easy Rider." He marveled at our bikes and we marveled at his.

After discovering that the ice cream at Scrumptious is fantastic we stumbled across the band Blow the Vault warming up for a later show at the DNote. We got to hear them do a really cool song and then we headed home. Being on the bikes on such a beautiful evening made everything even more enjoyable.

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