Tuesday, October 18

Balaclava to Work Day

I saw at least one other balaclava on my ride in this morning. Yeah folks, its that time of year again!

This morning as I crawled up the northeast corner of the easternmost arm of South Table I took in the stunning views over Applewood of the autumnal landscape. The crispness in the air just added to the ambiance.

I looped around the east side of the mesa, spooking a couple of herds of mule deer, and thoroughly enjoying the otherwise relative solitude up on top in the apocalyptic prairie landscape.

I'm trying to take advantage of the last few days of bonus mountain/prairie biking I'm going to be able to do for awhile. In November my schedule will be different and I won't have time (or daylight) before work to do more than the shortest of rides and in the evening I'm going to be racing daylight home for a few days until I'm back into dark to dark commutes.

My plan, at least for Leadville training, is to start doing more general but more intensive conditioning off the bike throughout the winter. I'll be commuting still, however, I'm not going to be pushing myself hard on my slickery commutes. I've had enough crashing this year. I'm gonna get a good set of studded tires and keep the bike upright through the shorter and more frozen days.

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