Sunday, October 16

Bean and Bikepacking Seasons

It was short (Bean Commuting Season), but it could have been much shorter. Now that the nights are cooling off significantly Bean will be riding to the babysitter with a friend. Its not a terribly complicated arrangement, but suffice it to say, since we have the option of letting her ride when its cold and/or nasty we're going to take advantage of it.

So I took off the seat and stoker bar, though the bar can be put back on in a few seconds. I'll be commuting solo until either a significant warmup or Spring.

I'll miss riding with my Bean. She usually sings as I crank away against the wind and continuous positive grade. She's good company on a bike ride. Anyway...

I'm going to fix up the Sears Free Spirit city bike. It'll be a good errand runner, and a bike that we won't have to worry too much about. I'll put the extra trailer hitch on it and we can sling a pannier on it as well. Plus, I think both Mandy and I will be able to ride it with little adjustment between us. The Ute we can share, as long as we change the seat height for each rider, but the Cannonball is just too big for her. It's almost too big for me.

Also, having the FS rideable will give us a spare bike if we have a visitor. And if I need to run an errand with the armageddon buggy I can take the FS instead of the Xtracycle, which with the trailer ends up being about half a mile long.

After a run to Echter's for straw

I need to find a replacement fork for the OBS so Mandy has a MTB to ride too. It would be nice to get at least one good Saturday trail ride in before winter settles upon the land.

Speaking of which, I'm sort of itching to get out to Buffalo Creek. The One has been plying the mesas like a dream, in a matrix like Buffalo Creek I think it would fill my bones with such bliss I may never leave. I'd just ride around in the shadows of Green Mountain, Buffalo Peak and the Tarryalls until I fade into legend.

I guess its getting too late in the year for a family bikepacking trip. I put it off too long, mostly out of laziness. With an 8 year old and 4 year old it is very onerous to go camping sometimes. Its enjoyable, it just takes a lot of energy. The downfall of living in the Denver metro are is that there are few close camping options for easy family bikepacking jaunts. Free camping either involves significant elevation gain (less than 20 miles away near Idaho Springs) or significant distance (75+ miles in any direction). I frequently explore for options I'm currently unaware of, but at this time I know of nothing closer or easier to get to.

But in the spring, oh yeah, we're gonna take some trips. Maybe short, maybe to a pay camping site, but hopefully by next fall we'll be seasoned enough to venture further or higher in pursuit of bikepacking nirvana.

Oh, also, today is 299 days left until Leadville.

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