Tuesday, October 25

BSO Update

Ah yes, the BSO...its still there. Its slow going. The best thing I can say about it right now is that it would make a halfway decent insulating layer under a balaclava. My goal is to be able to completely forgo the balaclava.

Stop laughing! I'm serious.

Anyway, at this rate I'll have a "full" beard by the end of the Mayan calendar. Did Mayans have BSOs?


This morning my wife said she's worried about me. Usually I am giddy about the prospect of nasty winter weather. And she's right. I'm in some sort of funk related to the impending meteorological annihilation we're facing tonight. Most times when a snowpocalypse looms I face it like Fëanor against the balrogs [you're welcome, Tolkien geeks]. This past winter I pedaled into blizzard-like conditions with no fear.

So what's up? I've known for some time that winter was going to be rough. My mind hasn't healed from my crash on the railroad tracks. It's that simple. I don't want to re-injure my shoulder, or injure myself in some new way. My brain is dreading my next crash like tax day.

I could have forgotten about it altogether, but the past couple of weeks the shoulder has been hurting again. I'm not sure if I did something to it, it was the weather...whatever, it has reminded me I am mortal and that like Fëanor I can be slain by balrogs.

Speaking of tax day, another funkness that's been preying on my mind: politics. I'm hating. My punctuated attention span won't let me keep up with the Occupy movement. It's gone on beyond my temporal limits. I need a short and sweet revolution, not a long drawn out, slow moving, boring change of paradigm. I need something with guillotines. Heads a rollin'.

So I've gone back to monitoring world events and in the past week or so I only give the Occupy movement a cursory glance each day. Greece has become important and I check up on its condition each day. Peak oil is popping up in the strangest places, and that is both reaffirming (I'm not a conspiracy theorist after all!) and disturbing.

I briefly considered facebook suicide after reading of a couple of different bloggers have committed it and how it was terribly liberating. And then I remembered my original purpose for getting on facebook (I resisted as long as I could) and that was to share photos and life events with family on the opposite side of the continent. So I cleaned house, took out a lot of useless (read: capitalist propaganda) stuff and am scaling back.

Well, you got more than a BSO update in this one. There's really not much to update in that venue.

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