Monday, October 3

Goodbye September, Hello October

In September we talked about Bikenomics, we explored the Path Less Traveled, my shoulder continued to heal, I sketched "To Have the Apprentice Dig Deep" and learned a wee bit 'o Francais. I wrestled with the moral conundrum of 26 vs 29. I hauled a wheelbarrow and a kid with my bike. It was a month of new helmets. I went through a little writer/mental block. We rode the Big Dry Creek Trail. There was ritual self-flagellation. There was the appearance of a beard shaped object. We glimpsed biketopia. There was NEW BIKE DAY celebration and elation. We saw the return of the prairie bike commute, the summits of NTM and STM, an attempt to sweep Chimney Gulch (didn't blog about that one...), and we saw the tenth anniversary of 9/11 come and go without incident.

There was the glorious debut of the Ameristar anti-cycling commercial. There was the glorious victory against the development of the summit of South Table Mountain. Summer ended on the calendar, but has held on into October in actuality. We saw video of motorists attacking cyclists INSIDE bike shops. I gave up on preaching TO moto-fascists and resolved to preach AGAINST them instead. I cracked 20mph average on a Ramming Speed Friday. Lily rode her bike to town for the first time ever. I met a reader randomly while out in public. I possibly dropped a record number of roadies. Visited the Bike Depot in Park Hill. Epic fail: World Carfree Day. Confronted by a moto-fascist only to discover that I am a big @#$%! loser. And finally, I broke the 600 mile/month barrier and am now dogged tired for it.

On October 3 I am doing okay. Saturday I rode to Denver and back, 21 miles. I felt it. Yesterday I didn't ride at all. I needed the rest. Today I rode in to work against a headwind and I felt all of those miles last month dragging behind me. My legs wanted to stop. I wish I could have let them.

This month I'm not pushing for 600 miles. And even if I see I'm close come the last week of October I'm not going to pad my miles to hit anything over 500 miles NO MATTER WHAT. I'm just going to ride.

October is going to have 20 commutable days for me. I'm taking Columbus Day as my floating holiday this year because my favorite family is off from school that day. At a bare minimum I'm looking at 371 miles for October (I calculated based on my minimum 9.29 mile commute, I think I actually average closer to 10 miles a commute). I know I'll do a few prairie/mountain biking commutes. I know I'll do some longer commutes to avoid the roads. I need about 450 miles to maintain my monthly average and keep me on track for 5,400 miles in 2011.

November is notorious for being a low mileage month. I have three holidays (four in an election year) and the weather starts to get much colder.

Of course this year the cold won't be a deterrent like it has in years past. I'll be on my bike on the road every day unless I'm not on the road at all. But still, I can't slack too much in October.

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