Thursday, October 27

Killing Balrogs

That's right I did!

It was a mean 22 degrees when I pedaled down our street this morning. There was snow. There was ice. And I cranked on into the fray.

Okay, I was slow. It took me an hour and ten minutes to do my normally 50-55 minute commute. I was a bit timid. But I needed to get out on less than summer surfaces. And that I did.

I nailed my layers. I didn't get too hot and I wasn't freezing for the first couple of miles. Traffic was mild (thankfully) and all the roads and paths had been satisfactorily cleared. I did have to take the lane in a few places where the shoulder, or the edge of the pavement, was still crusty.

The bummer is that when the temps climb all of this snow is going to melt and make for slop-slop-sloppy riding conditions. Alas...

But for now it's worth it:

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