Monday, October 10

Klean Kanteen

Not so long ago Klean Kanteen declared FREEBIE FRIDAY and asked (on Facebook) if people used their bikes to commute. Then they asked people to tell why, or why not and there was a bunch of swag they were giving away, including a 27 oz. Klean Kanteen Classic and bottle cage for your bike.

I won a bottle and cage.

Klean Kanteen is the original BPA free (pre-BPA free fad) personal water bottle. They are made from food grade stainless steel with no resin or plastic coating on the inside. They're stainless steel, not aluminum which is toxic. They offer single-walled and insulated bottles. The single-walled bottles come in narrow and wide mouth versions and the insulated bottles are wide-mouthed.

My bottle came with a sports top. They also come with a leak-proof lid and the insulated bottles also have a cafe top. I want to get them for my whole family, and I want an insulated bottle for myself to keep water or coffee in during my winter commutes.

The insides (and outsides) are rounded making it harder for germs and bacteria to hide. Having no lining makes for taste free water. I washed it with warm soapy water before drinking out of it and there was no soapy taste which is a huge plus for me. Another reason for me to get an insulated bottle for my coffee and such. I've never been able to find a thermos that was washable and leak proof.

The only con I can see is that they are made in China. They claim they are "responsibly" made in China, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, because most companies don't bother to make the claim. But the fact that they're made overseas is drastically offset by the durability and the fact that they will last almost forever and if you end up destroying one they're recyclable.

These guys are like the Xtracycle of water containers, and I love that they like bikes a lot too.

In fact, it's stellar that they make bike bottle cages to fit their bottles. Browsing their website I discovered that they offer adapters for backcountry water filters. I'll be able to use my Klean Kanteen with my MSR filter!

Not only are these things eco-friendly, fully functional, superior to other personal hydration objects in hygiene and design, but they just look cool too! I like the brushed stainless steel.

Can't say enough good about these bottles. I will suck smugtastically from mine as I pedal my Xtracycle down the road. And I will do it unapologetically.

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