Monday, October 31

Monday Morning Musings

I forgot how great biketopia can be. Its amazing having the roads all to yourself. Its amazing to ride a fast pace, not because you're keyed up due to the traffic, but because the empty quiet ahead draws you on. Alas, the post-carbon apocalypse didn't come over the weekend. I rode in earlier than usual.

I am on a monthly shift rotation. Some months I'm on an early shift beginning at 7:30 and some months I don't have to be in until 9:00am. It seems like I've been on the 9am shift for a year. I was dreading going back to 7:30. It wasn't so bad...getting up at 5:30am.

6:55am. That's what time I rolled through the door. I truly am a morning person. But if I can't get up and get going early I lag. So 9am is terrible for me. This morning I was up and ready before 6:00. I had hoped to get out the door before 6:15 and was pleasantly surprised to discover that at a quarter til I was basically ready to go. 6:05 I was on the road. The temps were slightly warmer than last week at a balmy 40ºF.

Instead of trying to sort out the showering issue at work I opted to shower at home and it worked out fairly well. We'll see how that plays out over the next five weeks as they remodel the locker room downstairs.

I doubt I saw half a dozen cars on my route before I got to South Golden Road. And even then I had less than three overtake me before cutting over to 10th. Quiet. Biketopia for a moment.

While I lost the option of plowing up the top of South Table before work for awhile I think the tradeoff of having more peaceful morning commutes will be worth it.

Nov 18, 2010

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