Saturday, October 15

Occupy Denver UPDATE

Tension rises in downtown Denver. This afternoon, after a march on the Federal Reserve Building in downtown protester's decided to occupy Broadway, which is basically Main Street Denver. Police met them with riot gear and in force.

A few minutes ago, about 6pm, the police forcibly moved protesters off the street and onto the sidewalk. Protesters, for the most part, did not push back, though there was a few tense moments and a lot of yelling. CBS4's Stan Bush was right in the middle of the pushback and we got to see on live news television the events unfolding.

Occupying protesters had been evicted from their camp in the park between Broadway and Lincoln, at the foot of the state capitol steps and between the capitol and the Denver's City and County Building.

In the early morning hours of October 14 the camp was dismantled and protestors told Lincoln Park had been closed indefinitely.

What is confusing is that in the past few minutes (prior 6:44pm) the police allowed protesters back in the street, but have just now moved them back onto the sidewalk. Needless to say, people are angry.

There will be a curfew at 11pm, when the park is supposed to be cleared, and reporters are speculating that time as the event horizon. Denver is getting a lot of attention. Only the events in New York has had greater confrontations in this movement in the US.

I'll tweet updates afterward as things progress...or devolve.

8:50pm UPDATE

Just before 7pm the news stations signed off until 10pm. Just as they were going off the air for three hours cops moved into the food tent on the sidewalk. Live internet feeds were hard to find, at least feeds that showed anything.

Just before 9pm we're still in regular programming.

Twitter noise has been hard to follow. Apparently protesters (some at least) left Lincoln Park and moved toward the 16th Street Mall. The cops stayed at Lincoln Park, so apparently the goal is to enforce the curfew in the park.

Free mall shuttle buses have been stopped in the mall. Doesn't sound like there have been any more clashes as of this time.

Sunday morning UPDATE

The twitter noise seems to have quietened a bit overnight. After the protesters moved off to the 16th Street Mall, it would seem, that they faded into the landscape. The ten o'clock news reported things that had been, had occurred, had already passed. Nothing was still going on. Apparently the curfew inspired no new tensions. Alas, I am dependent on twitter and the local news outlets for my feed at the moment.

The consensus seems to be that 24 people were arrested late yesterday and one for sexual misconduct (he allegedly groped a TV reporter) though it is almost impossible to confirm anything. I've seen claims that there were as many as 5,000 people marching in downtown yesterday and estimates as low as 1,200. One news station estimated 1-2,000 and I think that is probably as accurate a count as we're going to get.

Temperatures are forecasted to get as low as freezing overnight this week, with highs mostly in the 60Fs, with one day only getting to 55F. Will the protesters around the country, and the world, stand resolute against the change of the seasons? Will sleeping outside in adverse weather become too much for them?

There is a lot of momentum going. Even if it seems to have stalled in Denver last night. I think things will pick back up and start rolling fast again. Though it does seem as if the powers that be are doing their best to quell the momentum.

It seemed like I remember seeing some organized event this morning, but I can't find it now. More to come.

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