Saturday, October 1

Occupy Denver

Once again the Cannonball and I stormed the State Capitol.

My wife implored prudence, and in retrospect she was right in her judgment that the kids didn't need to go, though she was okay with me going alone. So I rolled into Denver at 11:45am today, just before things started to ramp up with the Occupy Denver protest between the Denver County Courthouse and the State Capitol.

I hung back and mainly just took things in. I took a lot of photos and stayed for about an hour and a half.

Some sentiments (of #OccupyWallSt and other cities and places) I've seen on twitter and around the interweb the past couple of day intermingled with some of my photos:

"What we are witnessing can also be seen as a demand to finally have a conversation we were all supposed to have back in 2008. " -- David Graeber

"Those at #OccupyWallSt aren't wackos. They are you. They are us. They're tired of working hard and getting little back. " -- @Jason_Pollock

"I guess it's true after all... the revolution will not be televised. #OccupyWallSt #OccupyWallStreet @CNN" --@alanwpeck

"There are a ton of people downtown for #OccupyLA. This movement has officially begun! #OccupyWallST has a new ally." --@JohnnyFirecloud

"A lot of people are complaining about the NYPD at the #OccupyWallSt march today. But I was there & most of the cops I saw were laid back." --@CarolineRCurran

"#occupyNYPDJail #occupywallst #tcotRT @Liberty_Chick: NY Times: Police Arrest About 400 Protesters on Brooklyn Bridge" --@Christothefer

"I can move enough to tweet w one hand. Still cuffed though. Please RT and express solidarity. Reading mssgs to new friends in van" --@brettchamberlain

"Croud (sic) @ camp. # estimates over 200 loud and proud #OccupyDenver" --@OccupyDenver

"Corporations are not people. Money is not speech. Raise your voices!" - A speaker at #occupydenver --@YourAnonNews

"WE! ARE! THE NINETY-NINE PERCENT!" --protesters on the Colorado State Capitol steps

This "occupy" movement, worldwide now, is huge. Is it the beginning of a real revolution?

The OccupyWallSt NYC protesters were directed onto the Brooklyn Bridge as they marched and then trapped and many were arrested. The numbers in some other cities of protesters is staggering. And the fact that momentum is growing globally...

My only concern is this...peaceful protests rarely change regimes.

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