Monday, October 10


Sitting still. There's a lot to be said for just taking up space.

I took a floating holiday today because the rest of the Pavement's Edge family had the day off from school. I've taken a hiatus from riding the past tow days. Hold on! I didn't go driving 72 miles, just because. Saturday we stayed at home. It was rainy and cold. I did drive over to the library and picked up One Less Car by Zack Furness. I've been whittling away at it the rest of the weekend.

Yesterday we drove to church, but otherwise we stayed home and just took it easy. In fact, in a rare moment of abject lethargy, I took a three hour nap on the couch.

I don't feel too bad about the roughly 20 miles of driving we did over the weekend. I could have chosen to bike both trips. And maybe I should have. The library trip was definitely a luxury drive. I most definitely could have put off the trip for a couple of days or could have shelled up against the rain.

Otherwise I'm sitting in the midst of a hiatus induced bout of writer's block. Less cycling means less writing about cycling.

And for some reason I can't motivate myself to work on the Sears Free Spirit and get it road-worthy. The prospect of fixing up a new bike alone should motivate me, but I just can't seem to put wrench to bike. And I've got a few other things I could be doing. Regardless, I must put the BeanSeat back on the Cannonball and I want to swap out saddles (again).

I need to go for a ride.

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