Monday, October 31

October Monthly Mileage

2011 so far: 4,480
October final tally: 408
Monthly average for 2011: 448
Estimated 2011 total: 5,376
Estimated 2011 savings so far: $2-3,000

I need 520 miles over the next two months to hit 5,000 miles for the year.

The reality is I probably won't get close to 448 the next couple of months. November is a notoriously low mileage month because of multiple holidays and such. I don't get much time off around Christmas, but I probably won't be padding any miles as winter settles over the lan'. But if I can't get 260-ish miles each in November and December I've got something terribly wrong with me.

4,480 miles equates to $2,240 saved based on the common 50¢ per mile estimate. Using the 81¢ Ken Kifer figure (difference between 93¢ for cars and 12¢ for bikes) I've saved $3,629.

Regardless of which figure is more accurate, I continue to save money by riding my bike which makes my family more resilient.

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