Wednesday, October 26

October Snowmama Snowbama Snowpocalypse

My wife was wide awake at 6am this morning. Growling. No snow day for her today. I called the snow hotline for work. Growled. No snow day for me today either. Boone was sitting bleary-eyed on the couch watching "The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That" and when I told him to get dressed he whined: "I thought I didn't have to go to school today!" No snow day for Boone, no snow day for Lily. Snowmama!

On my ride home last night I decided I would carpool today. Plowing through the cold rain puddles I realized as the temps dropped into the teens overnight that the water would all freeze, and then snow would fall on top of it making for a terribly treacherous combination.

Instantly I realized being in a car would not necessarily be any safer than being on my bike, especially considering the fact that I can stick to car-free bike paths for the most part. But I resolved to put my life in the hands of a motorist this morning.

On one hand I am disappointed in myself that I consciously avoided riding in weather that I know I can handle. But on the other hand, I'm just not ready to face it. Ice, snow, frigid temps...the combination of the three, especially considering the 84 degree temperature the day before yesterday...sheesh!

The temperature didn't get down as low as they predicted (meteorologic-fascists!) so there was no underpinning of ice below the heavy, wet snow this morning. I did carpool. And once we got to work all of my coworkers expressed their relief that I "wasn't crazy" this morning. So from now on I'm going to be crazy. Oh, except my boss called me "chicken" for not riding. Yeah, can't let that stand. Of course I'm calling him on the eve of the next snowpocalypse to plan our commute in together. I know he has a bike.

Speaking of crazy...the prezident came into town yesterday. Any connections with his arrival and the snowpocalypse? Some have been calling this weather event "snowbama."

I think studded bike tires are going to become a priority. Time to call up Arvada Bike.


  1. Glad you survived. I think I would catch a ride too, it's only October and we have so many more months of this to be crazy.

    I'm curious about the license plate on the bike. Mudflap?

  2. Same coworker who gave me a ride today was cleaning out her parents house. Her dad used to work for a municipality in the area and had a huge stack of license plates in the garage. I was helping clean out the garage and asked if I could have some of the license plates. I particularly liked this one because I was born in '74 and because it is the old style "Colorful" Colorado plate. Its also nice when moto-fascists argue that bikes aren't licensed. Of course there is no record of the plate anywhere...but that's beside the point.

  3. I don't usually do snow, but it's such a rarity in Missouri, I don't blame myself for that one too much. Last time we had a decent rain in the morning, however, I simply decided I didn't want to deal with the mess it always creates and drove to work.

    I guess we're all entitled to one of those once in a while......

  4. I had always avoided significant snow until last year. And then all last winter I was deep in it, literally. While I sort of feel entitled, I know I could just suck it up. It never turns out as bad as I dread it to be.

  5. Yeah, I want a fat bike. Sigh!

    I may do the DIY method first. I have plenty of old tires laying around. And a spare bike or two to put them on.

    I saw your LP fenders last year and that's kind of what inspired me to pick up the box of old license plates. I have good fenders for now but I may start working on a new set for down the road. I'm sure I'll find a good use for them somewhere around the old bikeport/homestead.