Friday, October 28

Ramming Speed Friday: Antisocial, Anarchism and Animosity

Today I hate cars.

Today I realize biketopia will never occur until all cars are gone from the road.

Today I long for the post-carbon apocalypse. Bring it.

THIS is how I would like to deal with educating Moto-fascists.

You cannot make up traffic laws to suit the situation. Contrary to moto-fascist "wisdom" a cyclist does not have to ride on the right side of the white line. Especially when there is no while line. Cyclists do not have to pull over to allow cars to pass. And cutting a cyclist off and passing within mere inches of them while piloting your two ton gas-powered wheel chair IS reckless and dangerous whether you think so or not.

These are some of the gems I've heard in the past few weeks.

Oh! And driving is highly subsidized, so the reality of who pays taxes and who does not is irrelevant in the "discussion." Bikes reduce wear and tear and maintenance costs on roads while cars drive those costs up. Being a property "owner" I pay local taxes and sales taxes which maintain our local roads. I do not ride my bike on the interstates which is where your federal gas tax typically goes, and I ride on very few state highways which also benefit from the gas taxes.

And (here's where I begin preaching TO the MFers again) because a bike is significantly less impactive to the roads than a car I am reducing the cost to maintain all of our roads for everyone else by riding my bike instead of driving a car. You are welcome moto-fascists. You are welcome. Oh, and you can thank me for improving the air quality. You can thank me for cutting down on rush hour congestion, because even though you had to wait three seconds to pass me on the back road where you overtook me, you were not stuck behind my car which you would not have been able to pass. You can thank me for making the world a cleaner and better place for YOUR children. You can thank me for preserving the roads, conserving the supplies of oil and for making the streets safer.

So I assume your reckless behavior is your way of thanking me. Go ahead, blow your horns, yell at me, cut as close as you possibly can without hitting me. Make up lies in your head to justify your juvenile and deplorable behavior. Demonize me for choosing my mode of transportation. Make all kinds of baseless assumptions and enforce those fictitious laws you concocted in your primitive brains with reckless driving.

And I will pray for the post-carbon apocalypse daily. I'm ready for it. Are you?

Can I get an amen?

Speaking of Ramming Speed Friday, my inlaws got into town today. They made amazing time cutting across middle America. Hopefully me and Tommy don't get into too much two-wheeled trouble this time.

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