Friday, October 21

Ramming Speed Friday: Short and Sweet

No close calls at 50th and McIntyre tonight. But I blazed home like I had a moto-fascist on my tail. I felt a bit sluggish but I pulled off an 18.5 mph average.I was going to take the long way home and do some bonus MTBing as the fam was up at school watching a volleyball skirmish, but there was a clunk in my stem and I didn't want to bang it up any more than it already was (just needed some tightening).

This morning I spun around the top of South Table Mountain a couple laps just to stick it to the man. I was a bit late to work. My excuse was "I got lost" on the way to work, took that wrong turn at Albuquerque. I didn't need to use it anyway.

I've been crawling through One Less Car and have discovered some amazing new ideas. I'd never heard the term "psychogeography" before, but I'm certain I've been a psychogeographer for some time now.

I'm at 4,370 miles for the year. October is lagging a bit at just under 300 miles, but I'm confident I can get over 5,000 for the year.

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