Monday, October 24

Ready or Not...

The October Snowpocalypse is imminent. Tomorrow night the meterological terrorists have predicted cold will settle over the land and flaky precipitation will fall and coat the earth in its icy goodness.

I'm not ready. I do not have studded tires. I do not have a Talus Outdoor Technologies ColdAvenger Expedition Balaclava (though I dreamed I did the other night). I'm not ready to start slip sliding away, skating on skinny tires, going down in the snow, dodging snowflakes, dodging black ice, etc, etc, etc. Mentally I'm not ready. From the standpoint of a chronic gearhead: I'm not ready!

Indian Summer is fading fast and it is distinctly possible that on Wednesday there will be enough snow on the ground to interfere with my pedal clearance. Today I hauled clothes and food for a week on the Cannonball and on Wednesday I will be able to saddle up the Durty Smurf, The One, and go forth dodging snowflakes, ice pellets and freezing rain as needed.

Other than this acute slap in the face I think I AM ready for winter. Let's get it over with! Okay? Winter can be miserable with dark to dark commuting days, huge temperature fluctuations through out the day, black ice ambushes, frozen eye wear, numb digits and crazed coffee-drinking, texting, distracted drivers.

But winter can be amazing as well. Cooler temps are just more comfortable for me, a person who is a heat engine, powered by sugar and running hot most of the time. The winter landscape can be stunningly beautiful, devoid of crowds on the paths and in the parks and peaceful in ways unimaginable in the depths of summer. And there is a smug satisfaction to be the only cyclist on the road or trail at times. And its heartening to see other cyclists.

I promise I will not do another painful and contrived "Winter Hardship Commuter Challenge." I solemnly swear. I brought down icy apocalyptic destruction on myself for that blasphemy. Won't let it happen again.

I'll do my best to minimize the whining. I'm in this for better or for worse. This will be my second full winter bicycle commuting season. I got through last winter without losing any body parts to frostbite. I think I can pull it off again.

Dec 30, 2010

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