Friday, October 7

Relaxed Speed Friday: Take It Easy Edition

Autumn is here in full force. My ride home last night was chilly. I was better prepared tonight. Of course it was warmer tonight than last, and I just wore my work clothes (casual Friday edition) home.

I think that this morning may have been my first sub-40 degree commute of the season. I'm not 100% sure though...

Speaking of the weekend and colder weather...tomorrow the highs are only supposed to be in the 40s and we're gonna get some precip.

Regardless, the cooler temps are here to stay. Wolf Creek ski area has enough snow to open today. Evans, Longs and Pikes are all shrouded in snow.

The beard shaped object grows. It may OccupySomething soon. Eventually, once its detectable by modern photographic equipment, I may post photos of the BSO.

Not meaning to, I overheard a co-worker talking on the phone to her husband about car problems. It sounded like of their cars is gasping its last. She lives within 2.5 miles of work. Hmmm...I went over and apologized, not having meant to overhear, but I offered: "I have a bike that would be perfect for you to use. And a rack and panniers."

She kinda laughed, but then said she might end up taking me up on it. You gotta grab 'hold of these opportunities man! I left it at that. This weekend I'll be knocking around with the donated bikes we've gotten lately. Three free ones and a bike I'm working on for a friend. Got some work to do. Look for twitter updates as the weekend progresses. I'm taking Monday off as my floating holiday. No elections this year.

Well, as you can see from the post title, I did not manage a 17 mph average commute this eve. It was 15.9. Sorry to let you down, Dear Readers, but I needed an easy and enjoyable ride. This week was rough. I hadn't recovered from my 170+ mile week last week. Hopefully, after my short week next week I can conjure a record RSF for your enjoyment.

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