Saturday, October 8


For those of you that follow the comic Yehuda Moon and the Kickstand Cyclery I'm sure that you were as shocked as I was this morning to see a new strip pop up in my feed after an impromptu hiatus which cut off mid-storyline with Yehuda in a dark shipping container on his way to Interbike.

Of course I instantly clicked on it. Today's strip is brilliant. It bookends nicely with the very first strip.

1/22/08, ©Rick Smith/

10/8/11, ©Rick Smith/


Yehuda's creator, Rick Smith, finally explained the hiatus and the future of the strip in a comment below today's comic:

I loved drawing the comic. But I'm at an age when I need to be planning for the future of my daughters, and this means making money. So I began resenting that I had turned a labor of love into a burden.

On one hand I am slightly ashamed that I followed all this time without becoming a subscriber. I LOVE the comic. I feel for the guy that he couldn't make a living off doing something he loves. Unfortunately, and through no fault of his, internet content that can be viewed for free is not going to bring in much income. You've got to take care of your family, and sometimes that involves sacrificing what you love for what you need to be doing.

I hope Rick can bring Yehuda back over time. If he does get it going again I have resolved to become a subscriber. I wish Rick and Yehuda perpetual tailwinds in their future endeavors and hope to cross cycletracks with them again soon.

I know Yehuda has put a little tailwind in my days since I discovered the strip.

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