Wednesday, October 5

The One: Geospatial Ninja Seeks Clan

Neo: What are you trying to tell me? That I can dodge bullets?
Morpheus: No, Neo. I'm trying to tell you that when you're ready, you won't have to.

Spoon boy: Do not try and bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead... only try to realize the truth.
Neo: What truth?
Spoon boy: There is no spoon.
Neo: There is no spoon?
Spoon boy: Then you'll see, that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.

When you are The One, you can dodge rain drops.

Speaking of the Spoon Boy/Neo exchange, I once had a phenomenal idea for a story called "Yuri Geller's Spoons" that was based on it. It was born, conceived and written in my mind in about 30 seconds. And at the time I couldn't jot the idea down and I completely lost it by the time I found a pencil and a piece of paper. I also wrote a one page premise for a story in 1989 that was basically the Matrix.

Anyway, back to the post.

When you are The One, you can dodge rain drops. Last night as I rammed my way home I dodged pedestrians, dogs, other cyclists and yes, rain drops. I was surprised by the heavy skies when I exited work. I could see sheets of rain north of Golden, so I jumped on the pedals in an attempt to make it home in a dry state. Of course I didn't need to rush, only to embrace my One-ness.

No rain drops struck me, but they fell all around as I hammered the pedals of the new MTB. New MTB...The One...hmmm.

The late William Nealy talked about "Paddle-Fu" in his essential whitewater manual: Kayak: The Animated Manual of Intermediate and Advanced Whitewater Technique. Well, get ready for "Pedal-Fu" over the coming days, weeks, months and eons. Well, unless William Nealy covered it in his Mountain Bike!: A Manual of Beginning to Advanced Technique. I'll research it and get back to you. For now, practice dodging rain drops.

Anyway, there is something exciting going on behind the green curtain. I can't really say what exactly. Much like the spy can't tell his wife what he's been doing all day at the office. It could jeopardize his life. More to come, maybe.

Sluggish ride in this morning. I think my body is just telling me it needs a rest. Got a Bean commute tomorrow, and Ramming Speed Friday of course, but otherwise I think I'm going to take it really easy for a week or so. No prairie biking the rest of this week or next. Ah, who am I kidding? I'll break that rule right out of the gate. Some days I just can't control my speed or desire to play in the dirt.

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