Friday, November 4

An Irresistible Form of Transportation

This morning the temperature was 26ºF. The sun had not peeked above the horizon by the time I got to work. And it was a great ride.

I miss the stars. On Monday the skies were very clear as I rode in. I chased Orion into Golden. Tuesday was about the same. I didn't ride the past two days because the car was free as Mandy and the kids are off this week while her parents are in visiting and there was a bit of snow and ice about. This morning there were some solidly wispy clouds but the stars were still apparent.

I didn't notice the cold. The darkness was my friend this morning. My Laser carved a way for me into Golden. As I rolled up through downtown I realized my pace had slowed considerably. I was enjoying my ride.

I was almost to work, the sun was coloring the sky an amazing array of oranges, pinks, yellows and reds, when I saw some movement in the darkness of some trees ahead of me. I was riding up the US 6 bikepath and was almost to the intersection of 6 and Jeffco Parkway. There was a herd of elk, probably 20 strong, milling about across the bike path and in the corner near the crosswalk and traffic light. It is a busy intersection in the morning and I am surprised they were just hanging out.

I paused for a bit. I wasn't sure where to go, what to do. I was not going to go back down the hill and come in another way. I would wait them out first.

As I eased toward them they moved in a group toward the intersection, and while I would secretly (well, not so much now) have loved to see the traffic snarl it would have caused I didn't want to see anyone, or anyelk, get hurt. Finally they dispersed enough that I could sneak through and get onto Jeffco Parkway and head on in to work.

Great ride in...

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