Monday, November 7

Gimme More Klean Kanteen

I love my Klean Kanteen. I won a 27 oz. Classic KK and bottle cage a few weeks ago and have been using them ever since.

Just this past weekend I picked up a 16 oz. insulated wide mouth Klean Kanteen. It came with a stainless wide loop cap (the old climber in me loves that you can clip a biner through it) and I also got a wide café cap.

First, let me explain that long ago I tried transporting coffee and tea around in a thermos and quickly gave up on that. I bought a cheap thermos and it leaked and was impossible to keep clean. Then I paid about $30 for a thermos and it leaked and was impossible to keep clean. It just wasn't worth it.

But as I looked into the insulated Klean Kanteens I discovered they have a screw on cap and they are wide mouthed with rounded corners on the inside. Combining those features with the ability to screw on a cafe lid and drink straight from the container is ingenious, and you had me at hello.

As advertised, the insulated KK is leak proof. The cafe cap seems well made and I have been able to get the coffee odor out of the bottle and cap with some vigorous hand washing.

In a nutshell, the insulated KK has given me the ability to carry warm drinks with me wherever I go on my bike. I can just toss (carefully) the insulated KK with wide loop cap (tightly screwed on of course) into my backpack or the Cannonball's FreeLoaders and head out. I don't have to worry about spillage.

Now, I do have one small concern. The first day I portaged my insulated KK to work it was naked in my FreeLoaders and the temperature was in the 30s. My coffee was lukewarm when I reached work. I rode for about 50 minutes in 30 degree weather. So the bottle lost heat. But not ALL of its heat. The next day I portaged it in a backpack (rode the MTB) and it may have been slightly warmer. It was drinkable still.

This isn't a huge factor. But if I wanted to take the insulated KK on a long outdoor trek I fear it would lose ALL its heat within a couple of hours. I have not tested this theory, so I may be wrong.

An easy way to mitigate the problem would be to have the bottle wrapped up in a backpack or bag. Most often if I'm going to be out in the cold I have a backpack anyway.

I did a quick test to see if the café lid would leak if I carried the insulated KK in the bottle cage. It does fit nicely. I pedaled down the ditchline next to our house and only a small amount of liquid leaked out. It would work, but its not ideal. The stainless wide loop cap would keep it from leaking at all though.

The short story is that its a great product and I will stick with Klean Kanteen for all my thermos (and hydration) needs.

16oz Insulated Klean Kanteen and 27oz Classic KK

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