Friday, November 25

Happy Buy Nothing Day/Black Friday!!!

It's that time of I hit the Black Friday sales, or protest by participating in Buy Nothing Day?

Well, however you decide to tackle your holiday shopping (I'm assuming you observe at least a consumer oriented Christmas) I'm here to give you some helpful advice. What follows is a disjointed list of potential gift ideas for the Transition Conscious (or semi-conscious) cyclist in your life. Some of the ideas will obviously be less Transition-friendly, and many of you may already be scratching your heads as I myself am at this moment. The idea just popped in there. You don't stomp on the muse when you don't have anything better to run with. Okay?

So without excessive ado:

DVDs (buy used): Ride the Divide, Race Across The Sky, Race Across The Sky 2010, Bicycle Dreams (if they're not into mountain biking), American Flyers, Breaking Away, The Bicycle Thieves

Books (buy used): Bike Snob, The Art of Cycling, The Cyclist's Manifesto, It's Not About the Bike (Lance fans), One Less Car, Two Wheels North , Twenty Miles Per Cookie (Nancy Sathre-Vogel), if you're a Colorado resident (or aficionado) Greg Moody's books, William Neally's Mountain Bike!: A Manual of Beginning to Advanced Technique

For the tinkerer: your used bike that needs a little (or a lot) of TLC, a box of wood screws, some duct tape and your old mountain bike tires (DIY studded tire project), and/or a bicycle repair stand

For the winter commuter
Talus Outdoor Technologies ColdAvenger Pro Ski Mask , Planet Bike fenders (or better yet, make some out of old license plates), NiteRider MiNewt 600, Niterider Cherry Bomb

For the narcissist: GoPro HD Camera

For the fashion conscious non-vegan: Brooks saddle, Swrve wool cycling caps

For anyone: hand knitted gear (gloves, scarves, hats), Klean Kanteen products (esp bottle cage), bicycle themed wind chimes

Be conscious of where you spend your money. Buy local. Buy sustainable. Put some thought into your holiday giving. Maybe don't give a gift, but give your time, or give time to someone.

If no expense it to be spared and you really want to make someone Transition-conscious get them a cargo bike. Or at least plant the seed.

ADDENDUM: I would also recommend a gift subscription to Mother Earth News.

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