Thursday, November 10

House Cleaning: Sweeping Out the Dust Bunnies

This is a random post, not necessarily interesting or informative or wholly endorsed by decorum or common sense.

I completely failed to note the passing of my one year anniversary as a full time, totally committed utility cyclist. Back in October 2010 (forget exactly which day) I became 100% committed to this lifestyle.

It was mid-December 2009 when we sold the car, but for almost a year my wife was a stay at home mom and she home-schooled our son, so going "carfree" then wasn't such a big deal. Then in October of 2010 she went back to work in the private school where we had enrolled our son. It was not an economic choice, merely the means to get our children in the school we wanted them to attend.

The new normal, winter 2009-10

We're almost at two years as a one car family. Wow. And I've been a full time bike commuter for a year. It has been a wild ride, pun totally intended, and I am impressed with myself to have come through it all relatively unscathed by doubt or waning enthusiasm. I will readily admit that I am bored or frustrated at times with daily commuting, but compared to driving back and forth everyday I have NOTHING to complain about. I notice the change in weather, the seasons, the migratory patterns of chipmunks, relative humidity, full moon effect on drivers, etc, etc.

So I missed noting that at the time. I apologize. Consider yourself duly notified.

I've laxed in my coverage/analysis of the Occupy movement. Like I mentioned previously, I still think it's important, I still follow the OWS news, but I just can't dedicate too much attention to it and stay sane. I've got to step back, observe, report and keep attending to my family's needs. It's too much of a temptation to drop everything and go occupy someplace. I've gotta pay the bills man!

I've ordered shoulder-injury-prevention implements. Chains are coming. Look for a write-up after the next big winter weather event. I have finally seen the final iteration of the Cannonball X. I know what handlebar configuration I want. We'll see if Santa's bike shop elves can pull it off.

A couple of other things are going on. Look for a Klean Kanteen update soon. The Colorado Bike Summit is still a ways off, but I'm mindful of the dates in February. The time change has thrown me for a loop, but in a good way. I went on an earlier shift, so its been easier for me to get in bed early enough to get up at 5:30am. I get some sunlight on my morning commute, but no direct sun, which makes for easier costuming.

Still watching Greece, and now keeping an eye on Italy. Economic collapse is one big scary unknown, like a dude in a trenchcoat in the dark that you've never seen before. Who knows what he's going to do or when? Maybe nothing, maybe bust your skull open for whatever cash might be inside. I really want to stock up on a lot of stuff (ammo, seeds, medical supplies, get lasik), but if major calamity should ever unfold me and mine are headed east to less arid climes to hang with our families and make a new society that will be non-dependent on fossil fuels.

Sorry for the disjointed post. I need to get it all out and this was a throwaway post, but some things needed to be put out there. I could have stopped after the fourth paragraph. But why not take the opportunity to toss in some randomness?

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