Friday, November 4

Ramming Speed Friday: Inlaws Edition

It's been a good week, but a light commuting week. Oh, I've worked every day, but my family has been off of school while my inlaws are in visiting. So when the faux-snowpocalypse dumped a few inches on us early Wednesday morning I drove in. And then yesterday I drove again. Car was sitting idle and roads were icy and snowy. It's like I'm car-sharing. Right?

Well, anyway, I firmly decided to ride this morning and I'm glad I did (see earlier post).

On Tuesday Tom met me at Pedal Pushers at 12:30. I took the afternoon off and we cranked up out of town to the south side of South Table and made our way onto the mesa top. Then we spun around the trails for awhile taking it all in. Finally we descended back to Golden on the west side. There was a bit of walking. It's steep and rocky.

South Table Mountain, Denver in the background

Then we headed out of town between the mesas, contoured around to the Golden Bike Park and after making the scene there for a little while we jumped over on the Fairmount Trail and followed it all the way up to Ralston Creek via the Blunn Trail. As the sunlight bled from the sky we plodded east toward home. The temperature had started dropping as we were leaving GBP and somewhere soon after hitting the RCT I picked up an earring in my tire. Hissssssssss!

Golden Bike Park

An EARRING! Not a goathead, not glass...a flower earring with a post that looked to be about 3/4 of an inch long. I'm sure someone was bummed they lost it. I know I was.

I yanked it out and jammed some air into the tire and we were on the pedals, heading fast for home. I stopped two more times to put air back in the tire but made it home without having to yank the tire off. I didn't have it in me to change the tire, and didn't get around to it Wednesday night. That is more of the reason I didn't ride yesterday than because of the snow.

Anyway, with firm tires and less snowy and icy conditions I headed home early today. I took another afternoon off. But it's still Friday, and I still had to get home...

RAMMING SPEED! (18.6 mph)

If enough melting and drying goes on today I'm going to try and get Tom out for one more good ride tomorrow. I'd wanted to take him up to Buffalo Creek. But dubious reports indicate the possibility of over a foot of snow still on the ground there. We might stick to multi-use paths in the metro area.

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