Sunday, November 27

Random Sunday Afternoon Post

It's been five full days since I've biked. Sounds like the beginning of a 12 step program introduction, doesn't it?

While my folks were in I didn't ride. I was okay with that. I've realized taking the rest when you get the opportunities is not a bad thing. But the rest can be a hard break in your path that's hard to breach.

I realize this morning that I need to get back in the mindset of riding everywhere. I need to get my cold weather things in an easy-to-get-to place. We were in the midst of breakfast preparation this morning and realized we only had two eggs. Gasp! Then I drove to the store. I drove, not because it was cold, not because it was too much trouble, not because we were in a hurry to get the eggs, but because I had no point of beginning to move toward riding the bike. My brain wasn't set to default to riding. It wasn't because my parents had been in all week, no, but because over the past few weeks I've moved away from choosing the bike over the car.

Winter is knocking on the door. I've got to steel my resolve and hit the bike pedals over the gas pedal unless there is no other option. Otherwise I'm going to get lazy and forget what's important to me.

Hopefully you won't hear this much more from me over the coming months, but I MUST get control of my diet. Thanksgiving is over. The insanity has got to stop. I've got to start making better choices. For me. For my family. For Leadville.

Monday is back to the grind. I'm looking forward to a return to routine, if not a return to the specific grind in a certain cubicle. Christmas lights and tree are up, bikes are properly illumined for the consumer season and I'm getting ready to change the oil in the ole Gump.

I took my parents up in the mountains on Wednesday. I've been jonesing to get up there and do some peak bagging every since. I have some ideas for this coming summer too, especially if the kids end up visiting their grandparents for a month again. Grays and Torreys in the same format as my Guanella Pass tour this past summer...wouldn't that be an adventure!

If I had more time off...we'd spend so much more time on the road...on the wheel.

Oh...and I'm only 13 pageviews away from 10,000. Whoo hoo!


  1. I don't think you should be too hard on yourself about the riding (particularly with the time of year, holiday, and family visiting), but on the other side of it, I can also identify with getting out of the habit of riding and then relying on the car too much. I'm sure you'll find your groove again quickly. I know that I find a lack of time can be a reason not to ride for myself, and I have to fight the urge to just jump in the car for convenience sake. I also don't want to hate riding though, so I have had to tell myself that there are occasions it's okay to take the car and know that riding most of the time is a perfectly reasonable and acceptable choice, too.

  2. So true. It's easy to get lazy once you head down that path though. Of course having only one car I can only go so far down that path before I start having to bum rides. Best to keep the ole bicycler handy.

    I've been beating myself up because I've gotten lazy and ridden (in the car) when I could have driven (the bike) just as easily. The grocery store is a mile and a half round trip. I should NEVER drive there. There's just no reason, but in the past few weeks I know I've driven there at least three times.