Thursday, November 17

Simple Pleasures

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride. 
~John F. Kennedy

Most days I take for granted the fact that I am spending about two hours astride an amazing machine.

In the morning I'm typically thinking more about how I'm going to dress, what stuff I should take or what stuff I'm forgetting, are my lights charged up or have fresh batteries, what will be the weather on my ride home...blah, blah, blah, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

And by the time I push off, swing my right leg over the top tube, and push on the pedal to get my bike rolling onto my street I am already far down the road in my mind, thinking about the busy section of road I'll have to traverse, or the work I'll need to get done whilst confined to my cubicle, or some other non-bike related mental detritus.

Rarely am I engaged directly in the act of riding my bike. I exist in a state of FLOW while riding. Lately it's even been hard for me to come up with topics to bloggulate about because my thoughts while riding have been more related to non-cycling things. And since I've been trying to be "coolly stoic" towards moto-fascists I'm desperately trying to suppress my literary road rage as much as possible. (Barring my previous post, of course)

Alas, I think I'm bored with commuting. I think I need to come up with an end of the year ride scheme. My wife tweeted this morning: "Cargo bikes + Thanksgiving dinner supplies = No problem. @PavementsEdge feeling a trip to Sunflower this weekend?" and that was exciting. I can't wait for another longtail adventure!

But I need something to look forward to, something to plan in my head and dream about. And I think I need to work on getting myself back in tune with the bike. I need to break out the repair stand more often. I need to get going on my project bikes. I need to inspire myself and feel the simple pleasures that are associated with bikes in general. I need to ride when I don't have to ride.

Such a simple thing...

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